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Simple Video Compressor 3.7

Compress video size while retaining quality

Finding storage space for all your home videos, sharing them with your family and friends via e-mail, as well as moving your favorite movies to your preferred handheld devices so that you can watch them while on the go may become a problem due to the increasing quality and therefore size of video files. Simple Video Compressor aims at solving those problems by converting your video files into compact MP4 video files and then compress them according to your storage and quality requirements.

Designed mainly for the home user who prefers a simple yet reliable compression tool over a sophisticated and complex video tool, Simple Video Compressor comes with the minimum number of settings possible to guarantee an acceptable compression vs. quality ratio. The program’s main interface is where you load your video files – either individually or in folders – and define the compression mode and video size of the resulting files. The program accepts nearly all the most widely used video file formats for the input while restricting the output to just one of them – MP4. This unavoidable re-encoding process may not be of the liking of all users, not only for the inherent loss of quality of all conversion processes but also because MP4 may not be the output format your portable device was expecting.

Having said that, the overall output quality of these compressed MP4 files is outstanding, subject to the choice of your compression mode among the twelve the program provides. These go from “Most Compression – Very Low Quality” to “Worst compression – Best Quality – Lossless”. Maybe to compensate the lack of more specific and flexible compression settings, all of the profiles proposed state the quality of the expected results with brutal honesty. At least, whenever you pick an option labeled as “Even more compression – Low Quality”, you know what to expect.

The program compresses as many files as required in one single operation, and will let you preview any of the video files on the list in its built-in player. Note that all the files you add to a conversion/compression list will be re-encoded using the latest profile you selected – different output settings for different files will require as many compression tasks as profiles required. Other than that, Simple Video Compression is an excellent option to consider when speed and a good and honest compression/quality ratio is what you’re looking for.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a dozen of different compression profiles
  • Lets you customize the video size
  • Accepts filename patterns for the output video files
  • Offers detailed video and audio information


  • Re-encodes all videos into MP4 and then compresses them
  • Compresses all files on the list to the latest profile selected
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